Conspiracy to kidnap himself to repay loan, arrested while having fun in Gurugram

The young man from Shahbad area in Rampur was not kidnapped, but he himself created a story of his abduction and sent a message to his wife and relatives demanding Rs 6 lakh as ransom. After several days of investigation, the police arrested the accused from Gurugram. After recovering it, the police revealed it on Thursday. The accused told the police that he had woven this fabric to settle the debt. Police is taking action by keeping the accused in custody.

Pushpa, a resident of village Gharampur, lodged a report of kidnapping of her husband in Kotwali on Tuesday. Pushpa had told the police that on February 12, her husband Satish had left the house saying that he was going to Delhi for a job. After this he went missing. It was alleged that he was abducted after calling him on the pretext of a job.

The kidnappers also confiscated his mobile. On January 14, Pushpa and other relatives received a message from Satish’s phone number, in which a ransom of Rs 6 lakh was demanded to release Satish. On getting information about kidnapping and demanding ransom, the police registered a case and reached the village and started investigation.

Shahbad Kotwal Ajay Kumar Mishra said that after a tip-off, the police nabbed Satish from Gurugram. After this, Satish opened up during interrogation. He told that he was in debt, so he himself conspired to kidnap himself and sent a message to his family members asking for ransom.

Satish had already taken money from the family members

According to the police, Satish had already taken Rs 1 lakh from his father-in-law Chandrakesh and Rs 50,000 from his mother Vimla Devi. According to the police, during interrogation, it was found that the accused Satish had earlier also demanded six lakh rupees from the family members, saying that he would get a job through the donation. In this guise, he got Rs 1.5 lakh.

Suspicion was already seen by the police

The police had noticed suspiciousness in the case only after the FIR. After this the police was also working on this aspect. The police started starting the location trace of the mobile of the accused and made every effort to keep his mobile open. The police caught him as soon as the location was traced.

According to SP Ashok Kumar Shukla, Satish of Gharampur in Shahabad had gone to Moradabad on January 12 with his friend Yashpal. Yashpal got down at Moradabad and went to Chandigarh. Satish gave the message of his kidnapping to the family members. Posing as his own kidnapper, he messaged his wife that two lakh rupees have been taken from his account. Put the rest. The accused has been recovered. Action is being taken on that. The DIG has announced a reward of Rs 25,000 to the police team that does the workout.

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