Cold water was poured on the body in the cold night, then the cooler used to run, husband’s cruelty in Banda

In Banda, dowry seekers told her missing along with torturing a married woman. When the people of Myka searched, they found her in Kabrai. The victim has filed a report against the in-laws along with the accused husband stating the incident.

A girl resident of Karbai Road of Dehat Kotwali was married on 24 May 2021 with a person resident of Gulab Bagh of city Kotwali. After marriage, in-laws along with husband started torturing her for less dowry. According to the victim, in order to torture her, the husband used to pour cold water on her body in winter. After this, the cooler and fan were kept in forced air. After a few days, the resident of Kabrai took him to his relative’s house, where he was kept.

Here the police was informed that the woman is missing. When a call was received from the women’s police station to the maternal uncle, the people there searched. The victim was found in Kabrai. After being brought from there, the victim lodged a report against the accused in the city police station. Nine people from the in-laws’ side, including the husband, have been named in the case.

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