CM Yogi said at the convocation of GLA University – As long as there is faith in Ram, Krishna and Shiva, India will remain

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath It has been said that all the countries in the world have been made and spoiled. Traditions have come and gone, but India remains. Behind this is faith in Rama, Krishna and Shiva. As long as this faith remains, we will remain and no one can make India lose even a hair.

lord krishna connected east to west

The Chief Minister was addressing the convocation ceremony of GLA University here. He said that as soon as the name of Brajbhoomi comes, attention is drawn to the birth of Lord Krishna. Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia was once asked that what are the basis of India’s unity and integrity? He also wrote in detail that all the countries in the world have become or deteriorated. Traditions have come and gone. But if India has been made, the maximum contribution of three great men is behind it. And these three are Rama, Krishna and Shiva. Shri Krishna united from east to west. If you go to distant Arunachal, even today the story of Rukmini is enshrined in the minds of the people. Just as we cannot stop ourselves from saying Radhe-Rani ki Jai in Brajbhoomi, in the same way in the far North-East this feeling is associated with Queen Rukmini.

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Lord Rama from North to South and Shiva combined in one sutra

The Chief Minister said that Lord Ram did the work of connecting north to south in Tretayuga. They had fixed these boundaries thousands of years ago. The same cultural boundary of India is in the form of a real boundary today. The whole of India was united in the thread of unity through the twelve Jyotirlingas. India’s faith in Lord Shiva is still associated with reverence at different places. Regarding all these things, he had said that as long as India’s faith towards these three remains, no power in the world will be able to make India proud.

Indian Manisha worked to connect everyone

He said that this modern convocation ceremony is a gathering ceremony of the ancient Gurukul tradition of India. The format of the gathering was also similar. Satyam Vad Dharmam Charah. Truth has to be spoken and religion has to be practiced. Any sentence of a person becomes effective when there is coordination in his conduct and thoughts. When a person says one thing, does something else. So his credibility is always at stake. The one who does not believe in himself, then how will the society, the country or the world believe him. That’s why speaking the truth and practicing religion. Indian mystics never saw religion in association with worship method. You go to the temple, you don’t go. Do not worship Your topic is No one tried to impose faith. We have done the work of connecting everyone.

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