Children are not able to understand the difference between right and wrong, fail in the exam or die due to the scolding of family members.

Teenagers are embracing death due to failure in examinations or any other problems. Four such cases have come to light in Aligarh within a month. Talking about the last one year, 13 teenagers have taken their lives, in which cases of being mentally disturbed due to failure in the examinations and scolding by the family members are more involved.

Adolescents do not understand the difference between right and wrong

Psychotherapist Dr. Anshu Som of Aligarh District Hospital says that in adolescence, children do not understand the slightest difference between right and wrong. At present, there are many such cases going on with him, in which teenagers or children are in depression. There is also the rise of Obsessive Love Disorder (OLD) in adolescence, a condition where individuals obsessively think about the person they think is in love. It is not properly classified as a psychological, mental health condition, but it can lead to a number of mental health problems in the individual. In this disorder, the person becomes violent and abusive.

These teenagers of Aligarh committed suicide

Case 1- In Nurpur, a 12-year-old child committed suicide last month by hanging himself on the scolding of his family members.
Case 2- In Chhajupur, a 17-year-old boy had ended his life after being angry with his grandfather’s rebuke.
Case 3- An 18-year-old youth from Ogipur village of Chandaus shot himself last week after failing in the Agniveer exam results.
Case 40 In Jawan’s Kastali village, a teenager had hanged himself after getting angry with the scolding of his family members.

identify as

Trouble is visible on the face of a stressed teenager. Because one or the other fear lives in their mind.
Such teenagers start meeting more children or start living separately.
They start talking more with family members. Or disappear completely.
Get busy in fulfilling your wishes. Everyone starts doing incomplete work.
There is a difference in conversation too. After my death, he talks like you will not take care of him.

Parents keep these things in mind

Get treatment from psychiatrists.
Tell the children that exams keep happening, whatever the result comes, accept it.
Don’t scold children, explain with love.
It seems that the child is upset, then explain to him with love.
If a teenager has made such an attempt before, especially take care of children.
Solve problems by talking to him when you are in depression.
Keep giving medicines, monitor them for about one to one and a half months.
Keep harmful things away from home, do not leave them alone

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