Cat sitting on Yogi Adityanath’s sofa, CM asked what is your name, watch video

The image of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is that of a strict administrator as well as a saint full of compassion and intimacy. Sometimes he is seen caressing the cows in the cowshed, talking to them, and sometimes taking a leopard cub in his lap and feeding him milk from a bottle. There are many such animals and birds in the CM’s residence, which come running to him only after hearing his call. A wonderful sight of CM Yogi’s animal love was seen at his residence at Gorakhnath Temple when a cat sat on his sofa. The video of CM’s conversation with this cat taking rest on the sofa is going viral on social media. In this video, CM is seen asking the cat its name and caressing it.

It is being told that this video is from the early hours of January 15. CM asks the cat sitting on the sofa ‘Kya naam hai tera…’, ‘Kuch khayegi…’, ‘Kuch khayegi…’. Whoever is watching this viral video of about 47 seconds is getting convinced of CM Yogi’s love for animals. Let us tell you that earlier in the month of October last year, during the visit of CM Yogi to Shaheed Ashfaq Ulla Khan Zoological Park in Gorakhpur, pictures went viral in which he was seen feeding milk to a leopard cub. During this, the white tigress was released in its enclosure and two female leopard cubs were also named. One was named Bhavani and the other was named Chandi.

On this occasion, he had said that we should be determined to protect and preserve all living beings. This is also the concept of Ram Rajya.

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