Burglary in Ayushman scheme, Rs 3.92 crore was grabbed by making package of fake patients

By breaking into PM’s dream scheme Ayushman, a private hospital located on the border has grabbed Rs 3.92 crore by making fake patients’ packages. This forgery has been done by showing the treatment of 689 patients. On being disclosed in the investigation of the State Team, several notices were also given to the operator for depositing the money, but the money has not been deposited. Now the team under the leadership of SDM has been formed for revenue recovery. Soon the team will knock the hospital for recovery.

Ram Janaki Digital Hospital is located in Rupaidiha, adjacent to the Indo-Nepal border. This hospital was affiliated to the Pradhan Mantri Ayushman Bharat Yojana. Last year, the hospital claimed by showing treatment to 689 Ayushman patients. Among the Ayushman beneficiary patients, 85 percent of the packages ranging from Rs 50 thousand to one lakh were shown. Apprehension was expressed regarding the treatment of serious diseases in an area with limited resources. When the state team got the patients shown confidentially on the basis of claims, the patients were not found at all. A report was sought from the director on this. Based on the report, a team of state experts conducted an inquiry in March. Large scale fraud has been revealed in the investigation.

After verifying each and every patient, the technical team handed over the report of payment of Rs 3 crore 92 lakh 24550 in advance showing the names of fake Ayushman patients. ID and password have also been closed while ending affiliation on this. By issuing a notice, it has been asked to deposit back the seized money immediately. The last notice was issued in June, but the operator did not respond to even a single notice. Now Sangeeta Singh, Chief Executive of PM Jan Arogya Ayushman Yojana, has sent a report to DM Dr. Dinesh Chandra for revenue recovery for the amount of breakup in Dream Yojana. DM has formed a team under the leadership of SDM Nanpara.

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