Bumper investment in IT sector in UP, more than 13.5 lakh will get employment

There is maximum preparation for investment through IT sector in UP. Investment proposals worth Rs 1.75 lakh crore have been received so far. Out of these, MoUs worth more than 97 thousand crores have also been signed. At the same time, work is going on to get MoU on investment proposal of more than 78 thousand crore rupees. On implementation of these projects, employment of more than 13.5 lakh will be available.

Out of the total 148 investment proposals received by the IT department, the largest MoU worth Rs 78,000 crore has been signed by Infotech Technologies. Its objective is to set up a hi-tech next-gen big data technology project consisting of data storage, data mining, data-analytics and data visualization. Under this, data will be generated through 10,000 drones across the state. These drones will collect relevant data helping farmers in various aerial geo mapping, aerial survey, spraying of fertilizers etc. The government will go ahead with this MoU after discussion with all concerned departments. The investment in this sector will not only benefit big cities or tech-friendly youth, but also villages and towns as well as resources like agriculture.

The government has made preparations on a large scale

Uttar Pradesh is poised to become the hub of IT and electronics sector. Data centers are coming up in UP. 5G is starting in many cities. IT parks and IT cities are being built. In order to attract large scale investment in this sector, apart from the new IT policy, the government has revised the Startup Policy, Electronics Manufacturing Policy and Data Center Policy to support investors. Various telecom companies were contacted regarding 5G network and their plans were listened to carefully. Along with this, banks have also been asked to keep their proposals ready for financial assistance in big projects to be set up in this sector in the state.

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