Brokers fixing blood rates according to religion, Sikh-Christian and Nepalese donors have the highest prices

Blood brokers are now fixing the price of donors on the basis of religion. For example, there are different rates for a Hindu donor, then a Muslim donor has to pay a different price. The highest amount has to be spent for donors of Sikh and Christian religions, while the prices of Nepalese donors are also much higher than normal blood donors.

This news may sound strange, but it is true. Blood dealers get donors according to the religion and caste of the patient. In government blood banks, inquiries are made for the identity of professional blood donors. Caste and religion being one does not get caught.

Donor’s network is ready

Professional blood donors or drug addicts are more likely to give blood by taking money. To control them, a form is filled in government and private blood banks. In which the relationship of the donor is asked. Caste and religion matching makes blood bank officials less suspicious of professional, drug addict donors. Donor information is filled in the form. Verifies by looking at Aadhaar card or other identity card. Businessmen keep ready a network of donors of caste and religion.

the gang became active again

On 20 June 2022, the STF had exposed the interstate blood smuggler gang. In this, seven people were arrested from the capital. 302 units of blood was recovered from them. The gang used to smuggle blood from Rajasthan to UP. Two blood banks were also closed in this. The doctor couple was also accused of being involved in illegal business. The gang is active again due to the laziness of the officers.

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