Brahmins are in danger, Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party leader Roli Tiwari opens front against Swami Prasad Maurya

After the controversial remarks on Ramcharitmanas, SP leader Swami Prasad Maurya is on constant target of his own party leaders. A few days ago, SP leader Dr. Richa Singh and Dr. Roli Tiwari had attacked Swami Prasad one after the other through tweet. On Monday, SP leader Roli Tiwari once again attacked Swami Prasad Maurya on Twitter over his statement on Ramcharitmanas. Roli Tiwari tweeted and wrote, Brahmin is in danger? Although Roli Tiwari has tweeted about Brahmins even three years ago.

In the first tweet, SP leader Roli Tiwari wrote, caste census is an important task. If there is a census, plans will be made for the deprived and exploited. Social equality will be a matter of equality. Roli Tiwari accused the SP leader and said, Swami Prasad Maurya is trying to destroy this campaign. He further said, Swami Prasad again came on Ramcharitmanas today and I will not leave him as long as he speaks on my scripture. After this, he made another tweet in which he wrote, this is the transition period for Sanatan Dharma, but the religion whose existence could not be eradicated for 6000 years, what will the brokers be able to do away with for a few votes?

Roli Tiwari has challenged Swami Shastrath

Dr. Roli Tiwari is constantly attacking Swami Prasad. He has made many attacks through tweets before this as well. In a tweet made a few days ago, Roli Tiwari has also appealed to Yogi Adityanath to take strict action against the SP leader. Not only this, he also challenged Swami Prasad to debate. She had said that if she was defeated in debate, she would quit politics.

Roli Tiwari wrote that by conspiring against Sanatan Dharma everywhere, by dividing Hindu castes, is a civil war-like role being created in the country? In the second tweet, he demanded CM Yogi to impose Rasuka against Swami Prasad Maurya. He had written that NSA Rasuka should be imposed on Swami Prasad who tried to spread religious frenzy and ethnic conflict in UP. Wrote that the nation is in danger from such traitors.

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