Bikru case Khushi Dubey can come out of jail today after 30 months, the court summoned the answer from the registrar

Khushi Dubey, an accused in the Bikeru incident who has been in jail for thirty months, may be released from jail on Saturday. On Friday, the release permit from the Juvenile Justice Board was sent to jail. However, due to the incomplete verification report of the registrar, the permission of the sessions court has been stuck. It is also expected that the paper work will be completed on Saturday. On the other hand, expressing displeasure over the incomplete verification report, the court has issued a notice to the Registrar Zone-4 to correct the form and to appear in court on January 23 in person. Although the report will reach the court on Saturday by removing the defect of verification from the registry office, but the registrar will have to answer about it.

Apart from the main incident of Bikru incident, Khushi Dubey is also accused in the fake sim case. The case of SIM card fraud is in the Juvenile Justice Board while the trial of the main incident is going on in the Sessions Court. After the completion of the bail process in the case of fraud in the Juvenile Justice Board, the parwana of his release was sent to jail on Friday. The bail verification report arrived from the Registry Office in ADJ-13 Paxo Court on Friday evening. The property of the colony was not disclosed in this. Due to incomplete report, the release permit from the sessions court got stuck. There is a possibility of coming to the court through a special carrier from the registry office on Saturday after correcting the defect of verification. As soon as the report comes, the release permit from this court will also reach the jail and the way for his release will be cleared.

Half an hour breathless in Juvenile Justice Board

On the basis of the verification report in the Juvenile Justice Board, the work of matching the bail forms was done. Before making the release permit, the information about the matching of the warrant was given from the jail, then it was informed that there is a warrant under section 418, 420, while the case under section 419, 420 is going on in the board. On this, the special carrier from the board reached the jail, from where the warrant was seen, then it was found that due to error in reading, the section was declared wrong. The matter got stuck in this for half an hour. At 4.50 pm, Khushi’s release permit from the board could be sent to jail. His father, brother and sister had reached on board.

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