Bikeru scandal: The time for the release of Khushi Dubey is near, the license will go from the Juvenile Justice Board today

Khushi Dubey: The time for the release of Khushi Dubey, an accused in the Bikru incident, from jail is near. After all the verification of the bails in the Juvenile Justice Board, the release certificate will go to the jail on Friday. There is every possibility of the final verification coming from the Registry Office in the Sessions Court on Friday. If it comes then the release license can be issued from here also.

After thirty months, the way has been cleared for the release of Khushi Dubey. After getting bail from the Supreme Court, his bail applications were filed in the sessions court. These were sent to the police, bank and registry office for verification. Bail was already approved by the Juvenile Justice Board, the Central Bank’s verification report reached the Juvenile Justice Board on Thursday. The process of getting the release permit is pending here. Which is expected to be completed on Friday. If Satpan reaches the Sessions Court from the Registry Office on Friday, then the way for his release from here too will be cleared. After this, he can be released any day on Friday or Saturday.

Panki SO reached, rest sent clarification on delay in bail verification, the court had summoned Panki and Naubasta police station heads as well as branch manager of UCO Bank, Armapur on Thursday. Everyone already sent verifications. Panki SO reached the court on Thursday and explained the reason for the delay, clarifications were sent on behalf of the bank and Naubasta SO.

High Court asked for compliance report After getting bail from the Supreme Court, the High Court is also keeping an eye on the matter. The High Court has directed to send the compliance report of the session bail along with the copy of the order of the Supreme Court.

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