Big negligence in hospital in Ayodhya, patient died after falling from bed, uproar

A major incident of negligence has come to light in the Ayodhya district hospital. A patient suffering from shortness of breath, admitted in the district hospital, died late on Monday night after falling from the bed of the emergency ward. Due to which the relatives created a ruckus in the hospital. The police pacified the ruckus by reaching the hospital. The hospital administration does not consider the incident of death of a patient in the district hospital as a special incident. Chief Medical Superintendent Dr. CBN Tripathi says that it is neither the negligence of the hospital staff nor any major incident. The patient was admitted to the district hospital in a very serious condition.

Rajesh Pandey, a resident of Wazirganj, Kotwali, suffering from respiratory disease, was admitted on bed number eight of the emergency ward of the district hospital on Monday at 10.50 am. Late Ram Het Pandey, 55 years old son, fell down from the bed late at night. Due to which his condition started getting worse. The relatives immediately informed the doctor present in the emergency. The doctor immediately made arrangements to give oxygen to the patient and gave necessary injections, but the patient died within a short time. As soon as the patient died, the relatives started creating ruckus there. Alleged negligence on the part of the doctor and staff. Seeing the uproar in the ward, the staff called the Chief Medical Superintendent and the police. The Police and the Chief Medical Superintendent somehow pacified the ruckus by convincing the family members.

On the death of the patient who fell from the bed in the hospital, SIC Dr. CBN Tripathi said that the patient was brought to the district hospital in a very critical condition. He was gasping for breath. There was also chronic fever. Apart from this, there was a lot of infection in the lungs. He was being treated. He died during treatment. SIC said that this is not a major incident.

He has denied that the patient died due to falling down from the bed. While the caretaker of another patient admitted in the ward, on the condition of not disclosing his name, said that the patient had a stroke like a stroke and he fell down from the bed. The relatives of the patient were not there at that time. As soon as the patient fell from the bed, the staff rushed to put him back on the bed and called the doctor. At present, after the death of the patient, the relatives took the dead body of the patient from the hospital. Haven’t had any complaints from their side so far.

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