Big BJP leader of Bareilly accused of rape, the victim woman was picked up from the park and tortured in the car

A woman created a sensation by accusing a top BJP leader of Bareilly of rape. The woman alleges that the BJP leader, along with three other people, took her away from the park in a car. After this, after giving drugs, he raped her in turn. This included the BJP leader, his driver and two other car occupants. The woman has given a written complaint about this to the police. However, the BJP leaders allege that this has been done under a political conspiracy. Based on the woman’s complaint, the police have registered a report against unknown people.

In the complaint letter given by the woman in police station Kotwali, she has alleged that she has worked with a big BJP leader of Bareilly for many years. In 2015, he left work from the BJP leader’s house. Even after this, the BJP leaders kept troubling him. He alleges that he had an accident in 2021, at that time acid was also thrown on him. The woman further said in the complaint letter, after this the report was also written. The woman had given the names of the accused even in her 164 statements. Even after this, the police have not arrested the accused. In this case, the police say that the matter is being investigated. A case has been registered on the basis of the woman’s complaint.

What did the big BJP leaders say on the allegations against them?

A prominent BJP leader of Bareilly surrounded by rape allegations has called it a political conspiracy. All this is a conspiracy to defame him, he said. He has called the allegations completely baseless. The BJP leader said that on the date given by the woman, CM Yogi had come to Bareilly. Because of which he was with them the whole day.

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