BHU girl students on the road, protesting overnight even in severe cold, adamant on calling VC

BHU girl students have once again taken to the road. This time his anger is over the bad food in the mess. Late on Monday night in the bitter cold, the girl students of New PhD Hostel reached in front of VC Lodge with food plates and kept on protesting the whole night. Their strike continued till Tuesday afternoon. The girl students are adamant on the demand of calling the VC on the spot. On being informed about the sit-in by the girl students, the Lanka Police, Practorial Board and the hostel warden also reached the spot.

It is said that apart from medical in the new PG hostel, more than 650 PhD students from different hostels of BHU were shifted in October-2022. The responsibility of the hostel mess has been given to an outside firm. A girl student who reached the mess to eat food at night complained to the mess chef that the food was spoiled. There was a dispute between both of them.

After this, more than 50 girl students reached the Vice Chancellor’s residence with food plates. The girl students raised slogans. On information, the police of Lanka police station along with the officer and warden of the Proctorial Board also reached the spot.

The girl students said that in the new PG hostel, more fees are charged as compared to other hostels of BHU. Despite this, there is a shortage of facilities in the hostel. For this e-mail was done several times and written complaint was also made to the student dean but no result was found.

Research student of Fine Arts Nidhi and others showed food in front of them. In which the rice was raw and there was no fruit in the custard. The girl students said that apart from the quality of food, even geyser and Wi-Fi could not be installed in the hostel, whereas for this a promise was made by the student dean during the shifting itself.

Even on Tuesday morning, BHU professors and Proctorial Board officials tried to pacify the girl students. All attempts to pacify the girl students failed. Even on Tuesday morning in-charge Chief Proctor Prof. Vinay Pandey, Dean of Students Prof. AK Nema, Prof. Pratima Goud, Prof. Sujit Singh, Prof. Mayank Pratap kept explaining to the girl students. The girl students also raised other problems related to the new PhD hostel.

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