Bhagwat should clarify what is the reality regarding the caste-character, Akhilesh’s comment on the statement of the RSS chief

Reacting to the statement made by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat regarding Pandits and caste-community, Samajwadi Party (SP) supremo Akhilesh Yadav on Monday said that he should also clarify what about caste-varna. What is the situation?

Sharing a picture of the news published in a newspaper on Monday, the SP chief tweeted, “While clarifying in front of God, it should also be clarified in this that what is the reality regarding caste-character in front of human beings.” According to the news, Bhagwat has said that there are no caste characters in front of God, the category has been created by the pundits. The RSS chief had said at an event in Mumbai on Sunday, God has always spoken, for me all are one. There are no caste characters in them, but the pundits made a category, it was wrong. The country of India should become big by following our Hindu religion and it should do welfare of the world. Hindus and Muslims are all one.

SP leader Swami Prasad Maurya said in a separate tweet on the same statement, “By saying that the caste system was created by the Pandits (Brahmins), Sangh chief Bhagwat criticized the so-called people who abuse women, tribals, Dalits and backward people in the guise of religion.” The contractors and hypocrites of religion have been exposed, at least now they should come forward to remove the objectionable remarks from ‘Ramcharitmanas’. Maurya said, if this statement is not out of compulsion, then by showing courage, asking the Central Government to remove the comments from ‘Ramcharitmanas’ using caste-specific words, calling them vile, mean and harassing, humiliating women, tribals, Dalits and backward people. . Just by giving statements and covering it up is not going to work.

SP leader Maurya had said in a conversation with ‘PTI-Bhasha’ on January 22, the real meaning of religion is the welfare of humanity and its strength. If due to any lines of ‘Ramcharitmanas’ a section of the society is insulted on the basis of caste, class and class, then it is certainly not religion but unrighteousness. In some lines (couplets) of ‘Ramcharitmanas’, the names of some castes such as Teli and Kumhar have been taken. Maurya had said, ‘The sentiments of lakhs of people of these castes are being hurt.

Similarly, a couplet in ‘Ramcharitmanas’ says that women should be punished. It hurts their (women) sentiments who are half of our society. If debating Tulsidas’s ‘Ramcharitmanas’ is an insult to any religion, then why don’t religious leaders care about the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and women. Is this class not Hindu? He had said, the objectionable parts of ‘Ramcharitmanas’ which insult a section of the society on the basis of caste class and varna should be banned.

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