Be careful expressing love on Valentine’s Day! Rape cases are increasing with infidelity, what do experts say

Be careful, in the changed times, big deceptions are coming to the fore on the path of love. The list of cases of being cheated in love is getting longer. Marriage by expressing love and then the cases of infidelity are increasing continuously. You will be surprised to hear that every month most of the cases are registered for rape and cheating by trapping in the pretext of marriage. of UP Kanpur In Paxo cases, 30 are like this. As many as 102 cases of love-rape or marriage-cheating have been registered in the city till December last year. In this, 10 percent of the cases were such, in which the girls were cheated after coming in contact with the fraudster through social media. In many cases the fraudster turns out to be married.

Basant Bihar, Naubasta resident Jyoti came in contact with Suresh, a resident of Bhilwara, Rajasthan in November 2019 through the marriage website. Being married, Suresh got married. When she became pregnant, she left her maternal home. Priyanka (fictitious name), a resident of Railbazar, was trapped in a love trap by the coaching director Raj. He also married the girl. At the same time, three years ago he had a relationship with another girl. The girl has filed a report. In 2018, a Panki resident youth married a Gajner resident girl in the temple. After three years the young man started a quarrel. There, on June 21, 2021, the girl came to know that he is getting married in Dabauli.

Girl was abducted and converted, forcefully married

Expert opinion

Don’t go for external appearances before loving.
– Collect information about the partner to avoid honeytrap.
If any lover proposes wrongly, then keep an eye on his intentions.
– It is wise to break the string of love in the beginning when wrong intentions are seen.
Relationships can get spoiled even after love marriage. Keep the situation clear through dialogue.

Cheating is the result of haste in love’s relationship

According to sociologist and expert counselor, the result of haste in getting into a relationship is cheating. If any boy is popular in the society for some reason, it does not mean that he is good in personal life. Many girls come under the influence of such boys. She is a victim of rape or gets cheated after marriage. Before making a love relationship, collect information about the partner completely from the family to his talk and behavior.

ADGC, Shiv Bhagwan Goswami said that the cases of rape are increasing. There is only one reason behind this that girls or teenagers get trapped in love. In 60 cases registered under the Paxo Act, there is an allegation of rape on the pretext of marriage. Psychologist, Aradhana Gupta said that girls are coming for counseling after being cheated. Marriage after love then girls broken by cheating start thinking about suicide. A little mistake makes the whole life useless.

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