Bangladeshis had settled in Agra, 32 arrested; Preparation to tighten the screws on more than 200

Bangladeshis had settled in Awas Vikas Colony Sector 14 (Sikandra) of Agra. Sikandra police raided the township on Saturday night on the input of the Intelligence Bureau (IB). Thirteen women, 15 men and four child molesters above 12 years of age were arrested from the spot. Eight children in the age group of one year to seven years were also caught. They have not been made accused. They have been sent to jail along with their parents without trial.

The Bangladeshis who were caught had got their Aadhaar cards made fraudulently. Living as an Indian. Used to do the work of picking junk and garbage. The delegation of G-20 countries is to come to Agra. Preparations are going on. Intelligence agencies have been alerted for security. For the last four months, IB was working on Bangladeshi infiltrators. Four people came from Bangladesh with visa on passport. The Intelligence Bureau gathered clues from the investigation of his place of stay.

IB close to cracking down on over 200 Bangladeshis

32 Bangladeshi infiltrators were caught late on Saturday night in Tajnagari. More than 200 Bangladeshis are still living in Agra. IB is working secretly to nab him. The action has once again raised questions on the functioning of the Local Intelligence Unit (LIU). In October 2019, a Bangladeshi settlement was caught in Runkata area of ​​Sikandra. The settlement settler had become a contractor. He had even bought a plot in Agra.

The settlement caught in Awas Vikas Colony Sector 14 is the gift of Bangladeshi Haleem. He came to India in the year 2009. He had a PAN card made at Tulsi Bagh, Dayalbagh. After that Aadhaar card was made.

Four minors were also presented Police said that out of the 12 children caught, the age of four is more than 12 years. He was produced before the Juvenile Court. He has been sent to a juvenile home. The other eight children are age 7 and under. He will go to jail with his parents. There is no one to look after them. Children below the age of seven are allowed to accompany their mother to jail.

He was arrested during the raid

Halim (Baraurhat, Bangladesh), Farooq, Jual Sheikh, Gobindo, Hasan, Manirul Sheikh, Shiraz Sheikh, Qurban Sheikh, Bishti wife Bilal, Sunali wife Shiraz, Joshina Khatoon wife Manirul Sheikh, Beauty wife Farooq (District Khulna), Raviul Sheikh, Sumi wife Raviul Sheikh (District Nadia), Sabir, Rustum Sheikh, Julie wife Savirak, Rashida wife Babu Sheikh, Roshanara wife Afzal, Rahima wife Rahish and Salma wife Bakkal (District Ubhayanagar), Mohammad Bablu, Bilal, Parvez Sheikh, Fatima Sheikh wife Bablu Khan, Mobina wife Aslam, Priya wife Parvez Sheikh are residents of (District Jasore).

Halim is the oldest

The captured Halim does not live in the settlement. Have taken a house on rent near Kailash Mod. He has been living for 12 years. He works in a nursing home on the highway for Rs 18,000 a month. Recently he had called his wife and daughter to Agra. Both came on passport and visa.

Passport-Visa also received

Apart from Haleem’s wife and child, two more people were found to have passports and visas, police said. They came to India legally. So he was released after questioning. If sources are to be believed, it was only after the arrival of Haleem’s wife that the intelligence agencies had taken Haleem under suspicion.

DCP City Vikas Kumar told that 32 Bangladeshis have been arrested. The children have been sent to the Child Observation Home. Others have been sent to the district jail. Children under the age of seven can regularly stay in jail with a guardian. A case has been registered against the accused for cheating and under the Foreigners Act. The police is on the lookout for the agent who helped them in getting the Aadhaar card made.

Getting aadhar card is not a difficult task

The police asked him how he got it made. He told that getting Aadhaar card is not a difficult task. He had spent Rs 1,000 to get a PAN card made. After that he opened an account in the bank. Got a LIC done. Passbook and LIC receipt started working as ID proof. His Aadhaar card was made through him. Now he had learned this game. There are one or two agents. Those who help them in getting Aadhaar card made. The Aadhaar cards of the arrested Bangladeshis are of different addresses.

Used to send money to their homes by quoting

DCP City Vikas Kumar said that Inspector Sikandra Anand Sahi made detailed inquiries with the Bangladeshis. The accused told that they used to send money to their relatives in Bangladesh through hawala. His family members are not hi-tech enough to transfer money to him online. The family members used to get payment in taka comfortably through hawala. One Indian Rupee is equal to 1.36 Taka in Bangladesh. Told that electricity connections have been taken from Torrent in the township.

Two plots were bought in the year 2019

The Bangladeshis had established their colony in the vacant plot near Runkata. The contractor Saidul Ghazi was caught. He had built his permanent house. Bought two plots. Had started doing a big job of junk. He also had two vehicles of his own. Haleem was also following in his footsteps. He used to secretly go to the illegal colony located in Sector 14. Haleem told that the place where Bangladeshis have built slums is disputed. He has taken it on rent from a person. One thousand rupees per month.

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