Bangladeshi settlement found in this district of UP, 40 arrested, including 12 children

In Awas Vikas Colony Sector 14 (Sikandra) in Agra, Bangladeshis had established a settlement. On the input of the Intelligence Bureau (IB), the Sikandra police raided the township. 15 women and 13 men were arrested from the spot. 12 children living with them were also brought to the police station. Four are over 12 years of age. The remaining eight are between one year and seven years old.

Bangladeshis had got their Aadhaar cards made in a fake way. Living as an Indian. Used to do the work of picking junk and garbage. The delegation of G-20 countries is to come to Agra. Preparations are going on. Intelligence agencies have been alerted for security. For the last four months, IB was working on Bangladeshi infiltrators.

More than 80 slums have been built

After collecting evidence, a place was identified in Sector 14 in Awas Vikas Colony. More than 80 slums have come up on the spot. When the team of intelligence agency did Reiki, it was found that electricity meters were installed in the huts. The houses have Dish TV connections. Facilities like fridge, washing machine are also present in these huts.

Talking to the people nearby, they told that these people have been living there for years. They come and go. From children to elders, they do the work of picking garbage and junk. Some do medical waste disposal jobs in hospitals. The spot was raided late Saturday night with the Sikandra police. As soon as the police arrived, there was a panic. 35 Aadhaar cards, one PAN card etc. documents were recovered from the spot.

their arrest

Halim (Baraurhat, Bangladesh), Farooq, Jual Sheikh, Gobindo, Hasan, Manirul Sheikh, Shiraz Sheikh, Qurban Sheikh, Bishti wife Bilal, Sunali wife Shiraz, Joshina Khatoon wife Manirul Sheikh, Beauty wife Farooq (District Khulna), Raviul Sheikh, Sumi wife Raviul Sheikh (District Nadia), Sabir, Rustum Sheikh, Julie wife Savirak, Rashida wife Babu Sheikh, Roshanara wife Afzal, Rahima wife Rahish and Salma wife Bakkal (District Ubhayanagar), Mohammad Bablu, Bilal, Parvez Sheikh, Fatima Sheikh wife Bablu Khan, Mobina wife Aslam, Priya wife Parvez Sheikh are residents of (District Jasore).

Halim is the oldest

The captured Haleem is the oldest. He himself does not live in the colony. Have taken a house on rent near Kailash Mod. He has been living for 12 years. He works in a nursing home on the highway for Rs 18,000 a month. He is responsible for the disposal of medical bio-waste. Recently he had called his wife and daughter to Agra. Both came on passport and visa. That’s why the police didn’t catch them.

Four got passport-visa

Apart from Haleem’s wife and child, two more people were found to have passports and visas, police said. They came to India legally. So he was released after questioning. If sources are to be believed, it was only after the arrival of Halim’s wife in Agra that the intelligence agencies had suspected Halim.

DCP City Vikas Kumar told that 28 Bangladeshis have been arrested. A case has been registered against them for cheating and under the Foreigners Act. Everyone has been sent to jail. Police is catching the agent who helped them in getting Aadhaar card.

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