Ban on use of Facebook-Instagram by policemen in UP, Yogi government issued new social media policy

The Yogi government of UP has cracked down on the policemen who are engaged on social media while on duty. Now no policeman will be able to use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. for personal use while on duty. Even after duty, there has been a ban on making reels in uniform. Live telecast on social media platforms from workplace has also been prohibited.

Along with this, a ban has also been imposed on live telecast of police station, police line or office inspection and participation in police drill or firing or uploading video related to the proceedings on social media. Doing so would be considered a breach of confidentiality. It has also been made mandatory to take permission from a senior officer before participating in coaching, lectures, live telecasts, chats, webinars, etc., when invited as a guest.

Understand in point what happened banned

1- Personal use of social media will be prohibited while on duty.

2- Making videos/reels in uniform or live telecast on his personal social media platform by any employee in his office or work place while on duty is prohibited.

3- Even after duty, uploading of any type of video or reels in uniform which tarnishes the image of the police has been banned on social media platforms.

4- Live telecast of inspection of police station/police line/office etc. and participation in police drill/firing and uploading videos related to proceedings on social media is a violation of privacy. In view of maintaining the confidentiality of the work government, it is banned on government and personal social media platforms.

5- Live telecast of the complainant’s dialogue through any video/reels related to his workplace or uploading the video on social media platform can also be a violation of the privacy of that complainant. It has been banned on government and personal social media platforms.

6- It has also been made mandatory for senior officers to take permission before participating in any kind of coaching, lectures, live broadcasts, chats, webinars, etc. on government and personal social media platforms while on duty for police personnel.

7-Policemen will not earn any kind of money from government and personal social media platforms. Unless prior approval of the Government is obtained by them in this regard. (Rule-15 of the Uttar Pradesh Government Servant Conduct Rules, 1956 states that no Government servant shall, except with the prior sanction of the Government, engage directly or indirectly in any trade or business, nor engage in any employment. Will do.)

8-Promotion of any personal, business company or product/service is prohibited through government and personal social media platforms.

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