Attention Tigers have blocked the way on this road of UP for two days, VIDEO viral

The movement of tigers coming from Panna Safari to Ranipur Tiger Reserve is continuously increasing. These days tigers are seen roaming on the main roads of UP and MP. A tiger roaming on the main road near Dharkundi Ashram for two days has created panic. Due to this, the wheels of the vehicles stopped when the tiger sat on the main road twice on Saturday and Sunday. People also made videos of the tiger and made it viral.

The tiger came and sat near the helipad located on the main road leading to Dharkundi Ashram amidst the inaccessible hills and thick jungle of UP-MP border at around 5 pm on Saturday evening. Not only did the traffic stop for an hour, there was a gathering of people. However, after some time the tiger went from there towards the forest. The very next day, on Sunday late evening, the tiger again came and sat on the road near Chhapra Mahua Nala of Tiger Reserve in UP region. There too the traffic was halted for about one and a half hours.

After about one and a half hours, when the tiger was removed from there, the traffic could be restored. Baba Butani Maharaj, who lives in the Kalyanpur hut of Dharkundi Ashram, told that these days tigers are seen on the forest paths around the ashram. The danger to pedestrians and bike riders has increased. People should take precautions by stopping traveling alone in this area.

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