Attention This gang does Reiki of the house on the pretext of asking the address, has executed more than 70 thefts

Police of Gomti Nagar extension station have arrested six miscreants who were challenging the police by committing more than 70 thefts in different cities of UP in a span of one year. Action has also been taken against gang leader Om Prakash and an accomplice under the Gangster Act. These people had made away with jewelery and cash worth lakhs by theft. Jewelery and cash worth lakhs of rupees have been found. These thieves had tried to rob the Canara Bank branch in Vishalkhand a few days back. These people had reached the strongroom but had to run away when the alarm was raised. Among the thieves are laborers, fish vendors, electricians, auto drivers.

Reiki during the day, stealing at night According to DCP East Hridesh Kumar, among the arrested thieves are Nanhe, Omprakash, Gurudin, Jiyalal, Kushmesh Lodhi, resident of Kaiserganj, Bahraich, Pawan Rajput, resident of Fatehpur, Barabanki. Their age is between 22 to 27 years. Gurudeen, Jiyalal were living in Vibhutikhand and Nanhe Gomtinagar expansion. Apart from getting diamond necklace, ring, huge amount of gold and silver jewellery, 62 thousand rupees, hammer, suede, bike, iron rod and other items have also been found with them. ADCP Sa. Ali Abbas told that these people have committed 11 thefts in Lucknow. Nanhe used to do Reiki work. He used to mark the locked houses on the pretext of asking the address. The next day he used to show the house to his friends. Then they used to commit incidents between two and three o’clock in the night.

Driving Ola-Uber taxis during the day, stealing at night Madianv police have arrested two members of the gang running Ola-Uber during the day and targeting closed houses at night. Inspector Madianv Anil Singh said that during checking near the engineering intersection, two suspicious bike riders were seen. Those who tried to run away were caught.

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