An exam exposed the government system, students crammed like sheep in trains and buses

Thousands of examinees who returned from the Subordinate Services Selection Commission’s UP PET examination reached the Central Station, Anwarganj and Jhakarkati bus stand in the evening and all the arrangements were destroyed. Mustaid railway police staff somehow controlled the crowd. The condition was such that the crowd entered the reserve coaches of most of the trains including Agra Intercity, Chaurichaura, Pratapgarh Intercity, Unchahar. Out of 88128 examinees, about 60 thousand appeared in the examination.

It was inferred from this that as soon as the trains stopped on the platforms, when the examinees did not get to climb through the gate, they started climbing inside through the windows. A similar sight was seen boarding other trains as well. After 5.30 pm, suddenly the load at Jhakarkati bus stand increased and then the buses of Purvanchal and Bundelkhand routes could not be found. There was even a scramble to board the buses. Even in buses, the crowd climbed through the windows. Although the railway administration ran seven special trains, yet it was insufficient due to the crowd.

When the AC coupes of Agra Intercity, which arrived at the Central Station at around quarter to six in the evening, were occupied, they were being taken off by the police and were boarding again from other gates when the train started running. This type of scene was seen in many trains from evening till late night. The crowd at the bus stand continued till late night. Many examinees went in trucks during the night.

Buses on Unnao, Kannauj, Hardoi routes fell short

There was maximum demand for buses on Hardoi, Kannauj, Unnao routes at around 6 pm. The condition was that within half an hour seven buses of these routes were full. The passenger load in each bus was 150 to 200 per cent. 62 passengers went in 42 seater bus and 90-92 in 52 seater bus.

Silver of e rickshaw and auto drivers, desired money recovered

Roadways and private city buses ran full since morning on Sunday. A herd of examinees kept running in search of vehicles at the intersections. , Auto and e-rickshaw drivers took advantage of this. E-rickshaws charged Rs 125 from PMC Mod to New Azadnagar at around 12.15 pm, while they go for Rs 40-50 on normal days. E-rickshaws took Rs 15-15 to go from GT Road to number one platform, whereas it costs five rupees. Similarly, e-rickshaws from DAV College to Ghantaghar cost Rs 100. While the fare of e-rickshaw is Rs 20.

ACM, RPF handled the front, controlled the crowd and got the line installed

On the second day also, a huge crowd of examinees reached the station in the evening. Because of this, Assistant Commercial Manager Santosh Kumar Tripathi, RPF in-charge BP Singh and GRP Jawan kept the front on the platform from 5.15 pm till late night. Towing teams were engaged from numbers two to nine. To avoid chaos, the candidates were made to queue up, yet the crowd was seen pushing and getting into the coaches.

Vehicles crawl on Tatmil and Nayapul, it takes twenty minutes from Jhakarkati to Station Road

Despite being a holiday, there was a line of vehicles on Sunday from Aphimkothi intersection to Jhakarkati and Jhakarkati to the front of station road during the day and evening. At about 5.30 pm, suddenly there was a rush of e-rickshaws, autos, tempos and buses and in the evening, when there was a load of common people on the roads, it felt like a jam. It was inferred from this that the distance from Aphimkothi to Station Road to GT Road is about one and a half km. Yes, it took 20 minutes to cover this distance. More or less the same condition was also seen on the new bridge. Due to the examinees, there was a jam at Ramadevi, Baradevi, Naubasta and Rawatpur intersections.

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