After studying from private institute, it will be mandatory to take training in government sector, new policy for nursing students in UP

It will be mandatory for students studying from private nursing institutes in UP to take training in government medical institutes. This arrangement has been made to improve the quality of treatment.

Clinical training policy will be strictly implemented in UP. Under this, students who have completed their nursing studies from private institutes will have to undergo clinical training in government medical institutes. This clinical training will be of eight weeks. In this, nursing students will be put on duty from emergency to medicine, surgery, TB and chest, neuro, ENT, nephrology and other departments. With this, the students will get the experience of treating patients suffering from most serious diseases. There will be an opportunity to learn the nuances of treatment and patient management, the method of interaction with the patient-family. The Medical Education Department will make arrangements as per the policy.

Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak said that continuous efforts are being made to improve the quality of nursing education. Strict standards are being fulfilled in private colleges.

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