A mother pleaded with the government for a piece of her heart, released the video and sought help from CM Yogi and PM Modi

In Aligarh, the mother released the video for the child suffering from spinal muscular atrophy disease, pleading for help from PM Modi and CM Yogi. The mother said that the cost of illness is very expensive, which her family cannot afford. The video is becoming quite viral on social media.

According to information, Shlok, a resident of Sasni Gate area of ​​Aligarh, was born in September 2014. After birth, the doctor was contacted due to lack of movement in the child’s body, on which the doctors of Aligarh suggested to show it in the muscular department of Sir Gangaram Hospital. On which the family reached Sir Ganga Ram with the child, where Dr. IC Verma got the child examined for spinal muscular atrophy. In which the child was found to be suffering from Type II. Since then Shlok has been on the bed.

Shlok can neither sit up by himself nor is he able to walk. The Maheshwari family has found hope after a campaign for a nine-year-old girl in Sultanpur. On Tuesday, Shloka Maheshwari’s mother Kalpana Maheshwari appealed to PM Modi and CM Yogi by releasing the video. Shlok’s mother said in the video that her son is helpless. He has been battling this disease for nine years. The treatment of the disease is very expensive, which is beyond their means. The way CM Yogi has assured to help the girl child in Sultanpur. Let the verses help you in the same way.

It is noteworthy that in the past, two year old innocent children living in Korba of Chhattisgarh were also injected with Rs 16 crore. Srishti Rani, daughter of SECL worker, was given this injection by the doctor of AIIMS, Delhi. Srishti Rani was also suffering from spinal muscular atrophy type one disease. Coal India had borne the cost of Srishti Rani’s injection.

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