A month before marriage, the girl eloped with her lover, the fiance insisted on making the same girl his wife.

A case from Amroha in UP has confused everyone. Here the marriage of a girl was arranged by her family members at another place. When the girl came to know about this, she protested. The girl loved someone else. One night, leaving the family members sleeping, the girl crossed the threshold of the house and ran away with her lover. A month before the marriage, his action created a stir among the family members. On the other hand, when the fiance came to know about this, he also insisted on marriage. The girl who had eloped with her lover, the fiance wanted to make her his wife. This confusion troubled the family members. Although a panchayat was also held between the two sides, but no conclusion was reached.

The matter is of a locality of the city. The daughter of a person living here was having a love affair with a youth from the community. On getting a clue of this, two months ago, the family members got the girl engaged with another boy without her consent. The date of marriage was fixed after a month. Therefore, the family members were engaged in preparations for the marriage. The cards had also been printed. It is being told that two days back, the girl rejected the decision of her family members and chose to be with her lover.

She eloped with her lover, leaving her family members to sleep at night. When the relatives came to know about this on waking up in the morning, their senses flew away. This was confirmed when the lover also disappeared from the house amidst the search. Now the panchayat is going on for the decision in three parties in the matter. It is being told that citing defamation, the fiance is adamant on getting married on the fixed date. No complaint has been lodged at the police level yet.

wife caught husband with girlfriend

The wife caught the husband celebrating with his girlfriend. There was a lot of uproar on the spot. Police also reached on information. Husband-wife and girlfriend were brought to the police station. A married man resident of a locality of the city was having a love affair with a woman. When the person’s wife came to know about this, there was a dispute in the family every day. Even on Thursday afternoon, his wife was informed about celebrating Rangarelia at her house with her husband’s girlfriend. On this, the wife caught the husband red-handed by going to his girlfriend’s house and created a ruckus. The crowd gathered on the notice of the uproar. The police reached the information and brought the husband-wife and girlfriend to the police station. Efforts are on to settle the matter.

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