25 km long jam on Kanpur-Sagar highway, where thousands of vehicles were stuck for 15 hours

Kanpur-Sagar Highway moaned due to severe jam on Monday night. The situation was so dire that the vehicle riders were stuck on the road for 10 to 15 hours. People lost their sweat in the cold night. Got relief after Tuesday afternoon. On Monday evening, PNC company started patchwork on Katherua overbridge, traffic was being run on one lane each. During this, the accumulation of vehicles started intensifying. Late evening near Jahangirabad village, there was a collision between a tractor trolley and a dumper, due to which many vehicles parked on the highway were damaged. In no time, the speed of vehicles started stopping at this point as well.

Seven km ahead towards Kanpur, after collision between dumper and truck, jam started there too. By 12 midnight, the jam reached 15 km, which was 25 km long by morning. Police diverted vehicles coming from Kanpur to Ramaipur towards Sadh while vehicles coming from Hamirpur were sent through Baripal Road. The jam could open till 11 am.

Spent the night on the highway

The jam was so severe that many people going to weddings spent the night in the jam. According to Vishwavijay of Seondi village, he had left for Ghatampur from Naubasta at seven in the evening but got stuck in Katherua’s jam and could reach his village at six in the morning. While this distance was only one hour. Satyendra had left Ghatampur at eight o’clock in the night, going to a marriage ceremony in Kanpur, but could reach Bidhanu by traveling only 20 km till 2 o’clock.

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