200 bed building will be built in Ayodhya Medical College by March, PM Modi will inaugurate

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The work of the 200-bed hospital building being constructed at Ayodhya Rajarshi Dasharatha Medical College Darshan Nagar is being completed at a fast pace. The six-storey building of the hospital is almost ready. Now the remaining works are being completed in it. The hospital administration says that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate this building in the month of March. With this, the construction work of the hospital is being completed at a fast pace. After the new building is ready, the patients will start getting all those facilities here, for which till now they had to travel to Lucknow or other big cities.

A six-storey building of 200 beds was to be built in the Rajarshi Dashrath Medical College located at Darshan Nagar in Ayodhya district. For which the construction work of the building was started in 2017 at a cost of 195 crores. In this cost, the building of Medical College Ganja and a 200-bed building was to be constructed. According to the standard of NMC and according to the conditions of the project, in the year 2019, the construction work of the first 200-bed building of 300-bed building started. This work was to be completed in March 2021. Meanwhile, the budget received by the executive body got over and the construction work got stalled.

Here, by the time the budget was received, the cost had reached Rs 245 crore. After the work was stalled for one year, the work started after getting the budget again. Although the executive body had given a deadline to complete the work by March 2022, but the construction could not be completed within the stipulated time. After this, the executive body had said to complete the work by December 2022. But the construction work could not be completed within the stipulated time. Presently the building is ready. On the other hand, regarding the arrival of the Prime Minister for the inauguration of this building, the executive body has started efforts to complete the remaining work at a fast pace. It is believed that all the work will be completed before the PM comes here in March. Arrangements for starting health services in the building will be completed. Principal Dr. Satyajit Verma told that a demand has been made for the budget of the infrastructure. We want that all the arrangements should be completed before March.

Patients will get many facilities in the same building

Emergency service, trauma center, OT, ECG, X-ray and ward will be there on the ground floor of this building. OPD medicine, surgery and orthopedic and other services will be there on the first floor. There will be a ward of 75-75 beds on the second and third floor. On the fourth floor there will be departmental arrangement, operation room and two seminar halls. There will be arrangements for teaching medical students. There will be three OTs, ICU along with other medical arrangements on the fifth floor.

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